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Welcome here to our website.

This is a short verson of our home side. A little about our cats and kittens for sale


Further down this page you will find more information about waiting and born litter.

You will find much more detailed information on the Norwegian pages. Sorry I'm not very good at English

Love for the animals

For our part, love and patience are important to us and our animals.The cats live with us. The cats live with us. But we also have our own cat house with utegår, which they get to be in when there is running time. Or when the weather is really nice to be outside.

I recommend anyone who is going to buy a cat, dog or other animal. Go home to the breeder and visit the animal and greet the parent animal. Be sure that you want to buy animals where you buy it. And that you get the follow-up you wan

Cat meet

We use Farmina as the main meet for or cats . But we also use a little of Eukanuba and Tast of the wild. 
They get wet meet from Carny, Smilla and from Porta 21.

A little fish when we have it. As well as cumin grouse and chicken mixed.

Grooming of fur

I advise you to get a good brush, and preferably a comb that is antistatic. Antistatic spary can also be an advantage. Find a Shampo that fits your cat's fur well. We mainly use from the K9 series

Toilet and cat sand

We use Ever Clean as cat sand for all cats after they are 7 weeks old. From about 4 -7 weeks we use beads. The little ones must not get lumpy sand as you often eat the sand and it clumps and it can easily lead to constipation and death.

Our Queen's

(N) Diadem's Coco Sollis (More in Norwegian here)

RAG a 03 High mitted      Født/Born: 01.04.2016DNA

Testet for HCM Ragdoll Resultat N/N PKD N/N Bloodgrup Ab

Mor: S* Krickelins Vanja Sollis og Far: (N) Diadem's Willy Wonka Sollis

Not PG in pedigree


(N) Nordlæningen's Ezzie Eureka

RAG n (Colorpoint)

Født/Born: 27.03.2019

DNA testet: HCM / HCM Ragdoll N/N, PKD N/N, rdAc PRA N/N.

Blodgruppe Ab 

PG free


  • (N) Nordlæningen's Oktavia av Inferno RAG n 03

  • Født 10.05.22 Kl 08.18

  • Or to be Gueen
  • PG Free
  • Pedigree

My beloved Tales of Rinwell

RAG g04

Født 07.09.2021

Dna testet: HCM (MYBPC3-gene)  n/n. HCM Ragdoll (MYBPC3-gene) n/n. PKD  n/n. rdAc PRA  n/n. Blodgruppe A (NN)SMA-PCR n/n og siste test GSDIV-PCR n/n

PG free

NO* SugarDolls Lagertha 

RAG a 03(High mitted)

Født/Born: 20.10.2019

Dna testet: HCM, PKD, rdAc PRA n/n, Blodgruppe A/a, SMA n/n og GSD IV n/n 

PG Free


  • (N) Nordlæningen's Jacintha Love life and yo
  • RAG n 04 Født 28.03.2021 Kl 13.22

    DNA testet: HCM / HCM Ragdoll N/N, PKD N/N, rdAc PRA N/N.

    Blodgruppe Ab 

  • PG free
  • Pedigree

Our King's

  • (NO) TronderDoll's Eugene RAG a

  • Born 17.03.2022 Kl 19.53

  • HCM n/n

  • PKD (PCR) n/n

  • rdAc-PRA n/n

  • pd PRA nn

  • Feline Spinal Muscular Atrophy n/n

  • Glycogen storage disease n/n

  • Blodtype NN / A

  • PG Free
  • Pedigree
  • S*Fjelltoppen's Kosta Boda RAG n 04

  • Born 17.08.2021 

    HCM n/n

    HCM Ragdoll n/n

    PKD (PCR) n/n

    rdAc-PRA n/n

    Feline Spinal Muscular Atrophy n/n

    Glycogen storage disease n/n

    Blodtype Ab

  • Pedigree
  • PG Free

We have kitten's

Born 06.08.2022

PG in pedigree

Mom: (N) Diadem's Coco Sollis

Dad: (N) Nordlæningen's Matrix av Tamino

About the kittens

This is a litter that will be sold only to cuddles, maybe I keep one myself, but it is even very uncertain.

The kittens grow nice, and the mom is very clever and patient.

(N) Nordlæningen's Punky Patriarca av Matrix ( Girl)

Color:  RAG n03 Born: kl 17.30

(N) Nordlæningen's Picasso av Matrix ( Boy) Sold as pet

Color: RAG a 03 Born: kl 19.20

(N) Nordlæningen's Pearl PG av Matix (Girl) Booked as pet

Color: RAG a04  Born kl 17.40

(N) Nordlæningen's Pandora av Matrix Sold as pet

Color: RAG n03  Born: kl 20.11

(N) Nordlæningen's Petunia av Matrix 

Color: RAG n04  Born: kl 20.49

Mom: (N) Nordlæningen's Jacintha Love life and you

Dad: S*Fjelltoppen's Kosta Boda


PG free


About the kittens


(N) Nordlæningen's

Quicky Kosta Bodas Datter RAG n

Female / Booket pet.

(N) Nordlæningen's

Qazmire Kosta Bodas Sønn

RAG n 03

Male / Booked

(N) Nordlæningen's

Qetesh Kosta Bodas Datter RAG n

Female Booket as Pet

(N) Nordlæningen's

Queenie Kosta Bodas Datter        RAG n 04


(N) Nordlæningen's

Quality Kosta Bodas Datter RAG n 04

Female / Stay?

(N) Nordlæningen's

Quiana Kosta Bodas Datter RAG a


Plans in 2022

My beloved tales of Renwell


(N) Nordlæningen's Matrix Look Fantastic

Maybe baby in Oktober